WhatClinic Patient Service Award

WhatClinic Patient Service Award

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To give you the possible hope of conceiving a healthy baby, we are very proud and honored to dedicate ourselves to assisting you in creating your full family through science.

Takara “宝” means treasure, this Japanese word inspires our mission and commitment to deliver the best solution for you. At Takara, we integrate medical and emotional care to optimize your satisfaction based on your unique physical and emotional needs. Our highly qualified medical professionals and specialists will welcome you and take care of you closely in every single step of your journey to parenthood.

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Thailand is Asia’s primary travel destination with a variety of attractions to explore such as beaches, islands, thick jungle, great food, unique culture, through seasonal festivals.

As there are diverse activities, it makes Thailand an ideal option to combine medical treatment and your holiday in this exotic location.

Our clinic is located in Bangkok, the Capital of Thailand, surrounded by beautiful cultural landmarks for your sightseeing with several convenient public transport systems. With our availabilities of internationally accredited facilities and medical professionals who specialize in IVF/ICSI and 24 chromosome PGD by Array-CGH, we believe this would make Takara IVF Bangkok your reproductive tourism destination.